Accounting, Controls & Auditing

  • Cash Flow
  • Contingency and Allowance
  • Tying project control data together
  • Trending and Forecasting
  • Pay Applications
  • Construction Audit Process
  • Ethics of Construction Audit
  • What can be Audited at each Stage of a Project

Project Execution

  • Quality of Design Documents impact on the GMP
  • Reporting
  • Managing Cost Increases – Escalation, Delay, and Claims
  • Change Management
  • Closeout
  • Labor Burden

Construction projects are a complex investment that often presents a major financial exposure to an organization.  Understanding these risks requires a project team to understand entire process from inception through design, construction, and closeout.  Our training program is intended to give your team knowledge or strengthen their existing understanding of the construction process.

The principles of JACEA are industry leaders in construction auditing with backgrounds in engineering and construction.   They are certified construction auditors and have active rolls in the National Association of Construction Auditing (“NACA”) and Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (“AACE”).   Our goal is to bring clarity and reasonability to construction projects to prevent and avoid overruns, delays, and dispute.

The construction training program is made of up 22 module that can be selected and combined to either a 1, 2, or 3-day configuration that suites your organization’s needs.


Certified Minority Owned ("MBE") Construction Consultants

Project Inception and Planning

  • Defining the differences in GMP approaches
  • Navigating the GMP Contract
  • Shared Savings, Incentives and Liquidated Damages
  • Subcontractor Bidding and Buyout
  • Bid Evaluation and Award
  • Insurances and Bonds
  • Overview of Estimating
  • Schedule

​JACEA can also provide  custom training for the various services that we provide in a number of settings. This includes hands on field training, class room training, one on one training and audit support training. Typical training activities include:


  • Construction Audit 
  • Construction Accounting Concepts
  • Project Controls 
  • Construction Data Analytics 
  • Field Training for Audit 
  • Field Training for Project Controls 
  • Contractor Bid Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Data Parsing and Analysis