JACEA’s audit approach is designed to be fair and object.  Our detailed analysis techniques enable us to calculate the contractually allowable costs for the project accounting for changes, contingencies, and allowances.  The following is a list of some of our findings:

  • Found a $500K error in contractor billing of $200M+ Hospital project

  • Identified incorrect workman’s comp rates being charged by the insurance carrier on a $70M REIT housing project

  • Identified fraudulent time records by the site cleaning labor subcontractor on a $650M corporate campus

  • Discovered that bond rebates that were being given to the contractor and not passed to owner per the contract requirements.  This was found on numerous K-12 and Higher Education project.

  • Found over $2M in cost reductions not credited to the owner on a $100+ public sector project.

  • Identified miscalculations to the changes that resulted in a savings of $600K on a $65M Gaming project

  • Reduced a final contractor claim from $430K to $128K

  • Identified $145K in mistakes with change orders and labor on a $38M dorm project

However, audits should not be viewed as strictly “finding” errors.  Many audits have results that strengthen the relationships between the contractors and the owners by validating transparent and diligent cost controls. Type your paragraph here.

JACEA's construction consultants provide a fair and objective approach to thier auditing services. JACEA’s core philosophy is that the auditors approach each engagement from a neutral and objective point of view. It is through this approach that our clients obtain the most confident and trust worthy audit results. Construction projects may be audited at many different perspectives including:

  • Final Close-out Audits
  • Periodic or Interim Audits
  • Construction Draw Audits
  • Design Progress
  • Internal Audit Co-Sourcing Risk Analysis
  • Training 

Construction Consultants providing Audit Services 

Certified Minority Owned ("MBE") Construction Consultants